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Isamex Industrial has been manufacturing water trucks, dump trucks, bucket cranes and other equipment for construction, electric, agricultural and multiple other industries for over 40 years. We have built equipment directly for the top OEM manufacturers and dealers


As our business grew we developed our own components for internal consumption, specializing in frame mounted centrifugal pumps, sprayers, fire monitors and other related equipment for water trucks.

Our starting point was to design a pump that would be a drop in replacement for the B3Z style pumps and we wanted to improve it. Thanks to years of manufacturing and operating water trucks we knew that:

  • Cast iron can be susceptible to direct impacts, a common threat of the job-site.

  • Operators sometimes need to customize their equipment, cut, weld and adapt it.

  • Down-time is expensive, we wanted our pump to be designed for minimum maintenance


With this in mind the Isamex Industrial BMB Series pump was created - made of A36 Steel, with Mechanical Seals and Stainless Steel Impeller blades included standard on ALL models


Customers started requesting our pumps and equipment directly to retrofit them to their existing fleets. As a result, over the last 10 years we have made our components available to the industry.

We understand what is required from your water truck for a high-performance and efficient operation.

ISAMEX workshop in the early days
ISAMEX first working team
ISAMEX team early ages

In Memory Of

Manuel Sanchez Sr.



​1929 - 2017 

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